Lalin's Heritage

On 1971 Lalin's Leather Shop was founded by Eladio Torres, better known as "Lalin", and natural of Holguin, Cuba.  He started his business in a building space not bigger than 1000 sq.ft. at the Central Avenue in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  He brings upon himself the task of creating and manufacturing saddle and harnesses for all equestrian disciplines.  Years later, once the business has flourish, he is joined by his wife Leonella and his daughter Marcia to help with the daily operation of the store allowing him the liberty to concentrate on the manufacturing.  This team effort allows for growth of the business, therefore moving the store to a larger facility and the opportunity to represent a larger number of suppliers and brand name equipment. 

In 1990 begins the construction of a new facility that would become the home of Lalin's, Inc.  In 1992 the new facilities are finish and the store is relocated to the new building; allowing for more inventory and brand name merchandies, to the already existing inventory.

In 2004 Pedro is brought in to join the management team of Lalin's.  He brought with him Cueros y Pieles, a new company that he had establish in 1998, realizing the need of leather supplies, hardware and several equipment needed by artisan, designers, hobbyist and people who liked to create with such items.  This combination helped solidify the market for leather goods and related items with the already establish market of Lalin's.  Cueros y Pieles is the wolesale operation of our company.  We bring quality leather, hardware, tools for the trade and several other parts needed for the confection of leather products and the manufacturing of goods.

In 2006 Pedro & his wife Marcia get control of Lalin's and with the new management the business was modernized and brought to date, in order to service it's growing clientele.  Unfortunately in February 2008 Lalin's lost his founder but his legacy of bringing the best horse equipment to the market persist in us, to this date and years to come.  2008 brought two new members to Cueros y Pieles, Marcita & Marcos who will manage the wholesale division of Cueros y Pieles as well as that of Lalin's.

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